TST DTP process


Pre-Print: Artwork is sent to The Solutions Team Pre-Print department for checking size, quality, colour and fit.

TST Proofing process


Proofing: The job bag is checked internally. A digital or physical proof is created.

TST Waiting Approval process


Awaiting Approval: Our experienced Sales Teams sends a digital or physical proof for sign off.

The Solutions Team - approval received


Approval Received: The client is happy with the proof and gives the go ahead in writing.

TST fabric printing in the print room | The Solutions Team


Print: The approved artwork is printed in The Solutions Team’s temperature & humidity controlled print environment.

TST precision cutting on the flatbed | Cutting fabric at the TST factory


Cutting: The artwork is sent to an automatic flatbed cutting machine, to be custom cut.

TST precision sewing on fabric | Sewn fabric branding


Sewing/Finishing: The item is then sewn or finished according to the clients specific needs.

TST quality control checking


Quality Control: The Solutions Team checks and photo catalogues every single item coming through the production line.

TST packing and checking


Packing: The items are then packed and labelled for delivery or installation.

TST delivery and installation


Dispatch: Items are then delivered via courier or The Solutions Team delivery vehicles.